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semiradgyrl's Journal

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the girl with the dirty rocker gyrl hair
6 November
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"At this angle love surely looks like a photograph that was never taken."
- Elizabeth Powell

"Before we got on the bus that dragged us into the fog-soaked Haight she'd said, 'I'm really selfish,' and I looked at her pretty wet eyes and laughed like she was a skinny girl bitching about fat on her hips, because she was much too cute to be an asshole and plus I am a fool for love."
- Michelle Tea

"I thought a lot today about limitless love. Most of the time I spend worrying about the people in my life who love me conditionally - with limits deciding when and how to love me and how they will edit the love they will show me. The problem lies in how I then edit and limit the love I am showing and giving (for fear of not being loved in return) and thats not how I want to live in love."
- Sabrina Ward Harrison

{T} The stars {&} kept marching {S}

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